...the one reason I stayed with the Y is because I enjoy making people feel good about themselves.

Rosalind Hamby


Roz Hamby’s YMCA career spanned over three decades. She first worked as a YMCA membership assistant where she quickly impressed her colleagues. Ms. Hamby’s breakout moment occurred early in her career when an external consultant recommended her for an administrative position at the Dallas YMCA. Ms. Hamby steadily rose through the ranks and would eventually become the first female African American Membership Director in the YMCA.

Ms. Hamby spent a total of eighteen years in Dallas, and during that time, she collected numerous accomplishments. Most notably, she led the effort to develop a bank draft system, which revolutionized how the Dallas Y interacted with members. In 1985, Ms. Hamby left the Dallas YMCA when her husband, James, took a position with the YMCA of Honolulu. During her brief hiatus from the YMCA, she worked in the Kelly Temporary Services as a regional manager where she honed her ability in staff development.

In 1993, Ms. Hamby rejoined the YMCA Movement. Throughout the next twenty years, Ms. Hamby distinguished herself as a leader in membership and programs. She held the position of Executive Director at the Buchanan YMCA in San Francisco and Hollywood YMCA in Los Angeles. She retired in 2013 after serving as the Vice President of Membership and Programs with YMCA of the USA.

As a young African American woman, Ms. Hamby helped the YMCA become a more inclusive organization. Her efforts paved the way for a generation of multicultural leaders to find a career in the Y, many of whom were mentees of Ms. Hamby. She continues to give back to the YMCA as a volunteer executive coach for new YMCA CEOs.

Community and Board Service

For 15 years Ms. Hamby served on the Board of the Association of YMCA Professionals (AYP). Her involvement in organizations outside of the YMCA includes serving as a board member of the Rotary clubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu. Ms. Hamby is currently Board President of the Honolulu YMCA Association. In addition to her YMCA career, Ms. Hamby has been active in her community through a variety of channels sharing her leadership, training, expertise and coaches Y Staff and CEOs. She is currently working with her church on the Family Promise project focusing on the homeless.


Ms. Hamby received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bishop College in Dallas, Texas.


‟We did so many wonderful things...”


‟...I learned, listened and watched...”


‟...the YMCA is the only job I’ve ever had.”


‟...get these kids understanding more...”