I went into the YMCA because I saw that it made a difference in the lives of people...

Peter Post


Inspired by the organization’s power to save lives, Peter Post joined the ranks of the YMCA. Though he first drew wages from the YMCA coffers as Pin Boy for the Waterbury Connecticut YMCA, he considers his time as Camp Counselor at YMCA Camp Hazen, Connecticut, to mark the beginning of his career. Mr. Post’s talent for communicating the impact of the YMCA and raising funds to support its work was identified early, enabling him to rise through the ranks.

In 1964, he became General Director of the Woburn Massachusetts. During his first year in the role, he succeeded in raising the most money in all the Boston YMCA branches. Under his leadership, the Woburn YMCA fully merged with the YMCA of Greater Boston in 1967. He joined the corporate office of the Boston YMCA in 1969 and steadily rose through the ranks, ultimately becoming President of the YMCA of Greater Boston in 1981. He held that position for eleven years.

Mr. Post’s tenure at the helm of the Boston YMCA set the stage for his next and final position. While in Boston, he raised the profile of the YMCA as a community benefit by establishing a job training program and a homeless shelter, simultaneously growing the bottom line and exercising prudent financial stewardship. These accomplishments and his career track enabled him to achieve the skills necessary to become the COO of the YMCA of the USA in 1992. Mr. Post was very influential and mentored many YMCA professionals. Mr. Post was inducted into the National YMCA Hall of Fame at Springfield College in 2016.

Community and Board Service

In addition to his YMCA career, Mr. Post has remained active in the community by actively volunteering for a variety of organizations. He has served as Board Member and Chairman of the Board at Springfield College; Board Member and Chairman of the Board at Fisher College, Massachusetts; Founding Member of the Council of Social Concern in Woburn, Massachusetts; Board Member at the Penn Center; and Board Member and Campaign Chair at United Way of Beaufort and Jasper Counties.


Mr. Post received a bachelor’s degree from Bates College in Maine (1958) and a master’s degree from Springfield College in Massachusetts (1959). Subsequently, he pursued doctoral work in education at New York University (1961).


‟...I always wanted to work at the Boston YMCA...”


‟There’s a great tendency... to take yourself too seriously”


‟...if you love what you are doing, you cannot stop.”


‟...the business and industry really loved the people we produced.”