Women in the workplace—not only in the YMCA—have changed a number of movements...

John Coduri


John Coduri first encountered the YMCA as a young child when his local YMCA in Westerly Rhode Island hosted an annual gym circus. In awe of the older youth, he later joined the YMCA youth basketball league and was an active participant in Leaders Club, gymnastics team, and eventually working during high school at YMCA Camp Watchaug. Excluding a two year period (1971-1973) as an educator teaching high school physiology and chemistry, Mr. Coduri’s career has been with the YMCA - with the majority of the time spent at his home-town YMCA in Westerly, Rhode Island. Beginning as an Assistant Physical Education Director and later Physical Education and Camp Director Mr. Coduri established himself as a leader and in 1983 he was given the position of President and CEO. As President and CEO of the Westerly-Pawcatuck YMCA he strengthened the YMCA through the forming of a Heritage Club and a successful $3.2 million capital campaign.

In 2000, Mr. Coduri became the National Executive Director for the Association of YMCA Professionals (AYP). During his tenure, he led an effort to strengthen the relationship between AYP, YMCA of the USA, the YMCA Retirement Fund, and Springfield College which in turn strengthened the local chapter experience of AYP through increased support and engagement opportunities. He retired in 2010.

Community and Board Service

In addition to his career, Mr. Coduri has remained active in communities by serving on the Babcock-Smith House Museum, Chair Board of Trustees; Westerly Planning Board, Board member and Chair; Westerly Ambulance Corp, Board of Governors; Association of YMCA Professionals, Board of Directors; Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce, Board member; Association of YMCA Retirees, member and journal contributor; Westerly Chapter - American Red Cross, Board Member.


Mr. Coduri received a bachelor of science degree in Zoology and Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island (1969).


‟…the Y has its roots throughout so much of the American country.”


‟Getting involved in the professional society made a difference.”


‟Otherwise we’re going to lose them to administration…”


‟…and I like the YMCA experience a little bit better…”