About Us 

The YMCA Retirement Fund was incorporated in New York in 1921. The YMCA Retirement Fund is a not-for-profit corporation and a 501(c)(3) organization. The mission of the YMCA Retirement Fund is to empower YMCA employees to achieve economic security, resulting in loyalty to the YMCA Movement. The YMCA Retirement Fund sponsors the Retirement Plan and the Tax-Deferred Savings Plan in furtherance of this mission. Through this Legacy project, the YMCA Retirement Fund presents the accomplishments that the YMCA Retirement Fund’s participants and retirees achieve in the communities that they serve during their YMCA careers and retirement, by capturing and exhibiting their profiles, recordings, transcripts, pictures and writings.

Photo Credits: Lorenzo Bevilaqua, Michael Benabib, David Wanderman. Video Credit: Push Collaborative.